Beacon Learning Centre Tops the 2009 Common Entrance Examinations.

For the second consecutive year the Beacon Junior school,  has recorded 100% pass rate in the common entrance examinations.

Along with the perfect pass rate, the school also captured the top five positions in the exams.

Principal of the school, Cheryl Bernabe says the school’s success was based on the trust placed in the lord and commended all the teachers who worked with the students.

She also disclosed that the next batch of students are already being prepared for next year’s exams and is confident in a repeat performance.

The top five spots in the exam went to Elilatonia Joseph 131.350, Robyn St. Bernard 130.045, Riann Thomas 129.445, Dymon Charles 128.965 and Tyler Marryshow 128.785.

Tyler Marryshow is also the top male student in the exam.

A total of 2,705 students wrote the exams with 1,768 gaining placement in Secondary School, 855 boys and 913 girls.


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