Concerns about the H-1N1 Virus.

Since the start of the swine flu out break, there has been a steady increase in the number of cases within the caribbean reagion.

Barbados, Trinidad & Jamaica have all recorded cases of the flu with Trinidad leading in amount of cases.

The virus has forced organizers to cancel the first ever Caribbean Games which was scheduled to take place July 12th to 19th 2009.

The Ministry of Health in Grenada has been continuing it’s efforts in keeping the  island free from the virus and they have been commended for the way they have been dealing with the situation.

But is Grenada ready and capable to deal with an outbreak of the  H-1N1 virus?

The General Hospital currently has one respirator at the facility  and the control drug for the virus Tamiflu is quite expensive ($600 for a box of 10 tablets) and the stocks are limited in the region.

There has been no reported cases here in Grenada thus far, but is it safe to say that the virus is not in the island!

Here are three questions we need to answer.

We have  small vessels going to and from Trinidad on a weekly basis. Are these people screened and checked everytime they enter the island?

We have passengers coming in from Trinidad and other caribbean coutries on a daily basis, are they being screened  and checked on a daily basis?

We have people coming to the island illegally & legally via fishing boats and others vessels via Carriacou & Petit Martinique. Are they being screened and checked?

Clearly the Ministry of Health is in no way capable of dealing with an outbreak of the swine flu here in Grenada, so the only thing that we can do as a people is to follow the guide lines set out to stop the spread of the virus.

No matter how many restrictions or precautionns are put in place, we are not immunne to the virus.


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