Game On for young Grenadian Basketball Player.

Hakeem Lbj Simon
Hakeem Lbj Simon

ST GEORGE’S, June 30, 2015 – Having played football most of his childhood days, many persons in the community of Plains, St. Patrick would have expected Hakeem Simon to pursue the sport future as he progressed in life.

But that was not the case for nineteen year old Simon who eventually took a liking to basketball and is now pursuing his dream of becoming a professional.

The now six-foot-10, 230-pound center started playing basketball late into his High school years at St. Mark’s Secondary and decided to explore ways of future developing himself in the sport.

Currently home on vacation, the young basketballer took some time to talk with Spice Isle Sports Review about basketball and his experience.

Simon has completed his first year of study at the Western Oklahoma State College, where he has embarked on studies in Business Administration.

“I played 18 of 32 games for the Western Oklahoma State College. Overall my first year was all a learning experience, my stats were not that great in terms of overall average but I did what I can to contribute to our team success” said Simon as he reflected on the journey thus far.

He had a key game of eight points, five rebounds and three blocks in a wining effort against rival Eastern Oklahoma state college which was one of the pivotal wins of their season.

Based on his performance last season, Hakeem Simon has been offered a scholarship to Seminole State College in Oklahoma and he is currently in the process of signing transfer documents. He intends on having a better year with his new team which may lead to other opportunities.

A professional career is not guaranteed, but Simon is exploring all options. “I have 3 more years of college basketball left if I stay eligible to fill out my granted 4 years of college eligibility. I intend to study and pursue a career in Marketing as my back up plan if my goal of becoming a Pro basketball player does not materialize.”

There are many young men and women with dreams of becoming professional athletes and the young basketballer had some advice for them.

“I must say to the youths, to take full advantage of the opportunities to get better not only at sports but in anything they aspire to be good at, put in the hard work and take in their academics because that can make the difference in becoming successful rather than being stuck and not being able to advance. As for young aspiring basketball players, be a student of the game, work hard and be dedicated because the flood gates of opportunities are beginning to open for basketball players in Grenada, you could be next.”

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