St. John’s Sports Council continues annual basketball summer program!

Arkim Robertson (left) Hakeem Simon (center) with young players
Arkim Robertson (left) Hakeem Simon (center) with young players

ST JOHN’S, July 15, 2015 – Over 35 young future basketballers are participating in a two week summer basketball program in Gouyave, St. John’s which began on Monday.

The development program is into its sixth year and is organized by the St. John’s Sports Council in collaboration with the National Lottery Authority (NLA).

Six coaches will teach the young players age ranging from 5 to 18 the fundamentals of the game along with many techniques and skills that can be used on and off the court.

Speaking to Spice Isle Sports Review, Gary James who played basketball at the junior level and is one of the many coaches in the programs says the feedback thus far has been overwhelming. “The kids are well disciplined and I must say they are open to learning.”

He also spoke about taking the time out to assist with the coaching process. “Well for me it’s always a joy to impart my knowledge because the same was done for me when I was younger so it is only fair that I give back to the community.”

Two young basketballers who are currently home on vacation and from the community Arkim Robertson and Hakeem Simon are assisting with the program and James says it’s good to have them around. “well they are helping out and that’s a plus having them around to motivate the kids and so on because they started at a later age than most of the kids there so it shows that if they can work hard from now then they too can make it as far or even further than these two guys.”

The basketball summer program is one of many initiatives put on by the council in the community yearly.

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