Lois Alexis hits crosscourt to Jackson State Tigers Tennis Teams.

Lois Alexis
Lois Alexis

JACKSON, Mississippi September 30, 2015 – Over the past few years, a number of Grenadian Athletes have been making their mark in colleges and universities across the USA. The latest to do so is Female Tennis Player Lois Alexis.

When the Jackson State Tigers Men’s and Women’s tennis teams begin training this season, they will have the services of a new coach in that of Grenadian Lois Alexis.

“I am proud and honoured to not only be representing Jackson State but definitely proud to represent my country” said Lois to Spice Isle Sports Review.

The First Time Singles and First Team Doubles All-Southern Athletic Team and Southern Universities MVP and All American player for Southern University takes up the new job following her two (2) year assistant coaching stint at Southern University in which both tennis teams won the Southern Athletics Conference Championships both years.

Given the success of her prior stints, she is eagerly awaiting the start of the new season. “I know that it would be a challenge playing against Southern as they are a great team and I would be competing against some of my past teammates and students but I am up for the challenge and I would need to make sure that both my teams are well prepared for conference.”

The twenty-five (25) year old has had many success playing tennis with her first ever Championship title coming at the 2004 ITF (International Tennis Federation) tournament held in Jamaica where she managed to win both singles and doubles.

“God and family is my motivation with inspiration coming from the Williams sisters who opened the doors for individuals like myself.”

With the new job, is her tennis career on the shelf? “”I am mainly focused on the task at hand for the moment but my dreams of still playing is still there. I still see myself playing in open tournaments in the area of Mississippi as well as play some mixed doubles tournaments with my brother Shem Alexis”

Lois Alexis also has her eyes set on establishing an Elite Tennis Academy in Grenada given support by stakeholders and the sporting community.

“I think that there is loads of talent in Grenada there has always been the problem that we have for tennis is that we do not have the support that we need for further enhancement in Grenada nor the facilities that is needed for growth and then there is always the road block with funding. I think once these things as addressed we would see a major difference.”

Alexis graduated for Southern University in Baton Rouge in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and in 2015 with a Master’s in Business Administration.

Not many young Caribbean athletes get the opportunity to pursue their dreams in sports internationally but Lois Alexis hopes that her accomplishments thus far will help motivate them to take that chance.

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