Community basketball championship shoots off!

File photo SGU Knights vs Tornadoes. Photo: GrenadaHoops

ST GEORGE’S, February 14, 2016 – There were wins for SGU Knights and Southern Elites as action started in the 2016 GrenadaHoops Basketball Championships at the Grand Anse Hard Court on Saturday.

In game one of the double-header, SGU Knights had a 68-64 win over River Road Lakers (Lakers).

Davey Wriston and Mohammed Saed led the way for Knights with 15 points each while Dillon Johnson (Lakers) had 16 points and three blocks.

In game two, Kester George’s 28 points and 14 rebounds was not enough to stop Southern Elites (Elites) from defeating Southern Pros (SPROS) by 11 points.

Jonathan Williams top scored for Elites with 23 points.

Scores in the game Elites 82-71 SPROS.

13 teams are contesting the 2016 GrenadaHoops Basketball Championships.

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