Grenada’s Netballers go for Cup Title at Open Championship.

13214385_10153708709658380_271300382_oNEWCASTLE, May 13, 2016 – Grenada’s Senior Netballers will seek to extend their winning streak and possibly win the Netball Europe Open Championship Challenge Cup when they play on Saturday.

The “Spice Girls” has played undefeated thus far in their group of the competition and will have to get pass Switzerland on Saturday morning and USA later that day at  to keep their hopes us.

Grenada got the better of their three opponents in the build up to Saturday’s climax.

On opening day, Israel’s defense proved futile to the Grenadian attack which saw the Spice Girls winning that game 87-19.

They continued their winning ways with a 82-38 victory over Gibraltar in game two and rounded it up with a competitive 59-53 win over Republic of Ireland on Friday.

Grenada found themselves trailing 12-17 at the end of the first quarter but rebounded by half time to lead 27-26.

They never looked back from their and had a six goal lead going into the final quarter 44-38 and eventually winning the game by six goals.

Team Grenada has scored the most goals out of all the teams competing with 228 with Lattysha Cato leading the shooting having converted 133 off 144 attempts thus far.


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