Champions of TRY Sports and Fitness Hill Series crowned!

TRY Sports and Fitness Hill Trial Series

ST. GEORGE’S, May 17, 2016 – The first annual TRY Sports and Fitness Hill trial series concluded on Sunday with the final leg in Grand Etang.

At the end of the six race challenge series three individual champions were crowned.

In the women’s division Lucy Merchi was the lone participant and finished with an overall time of 1 hour 29 minutes and 40 seconds while in the 40+ category it was a close finish from the two competitors Connor Holmes and Junior Telesford who finished with the same timing of 59 minutes 46 seconds but it was Holmes that walked away with the top spot due to his win in the final race.

Meanwhile in the 18 to 40 group, Tyron Thomas emerged as champion with a timing of 59 minutes 46 seconds. Thomas won all six races in the series to outclass his opponents.

Tessamy Viechweg (1 hour 6 minutes 01 seconds) finished second with Danny Scott (1 hour 6 minutes 31 seconds) third and Royston Sylvester fourth with 1 hour 9 minutes 17 seconds.

The other competitors in the event were Junior Dowden (76:40), Christopher Alexis (79:34), Calun Noel (79:40) and Reynard John (80.26).

The six hill courses saw the cyclists race up Cemetery Hill, Grenville Vale to New Hampshire, Westerhall to Perdmontemp, Palmiste to Mt. Granby, Samaritan to Duquesne with the culmination in Grand Etang.


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