Team named for Windward Islands School Games

National Athletics Stadium

ST. GEORGE’S, July 15, 2016 – Sixty-two (62) athletes will represent Grenada at the 2016 CBN/WINLOTT Windward Islands School Games scheduled for July 23-30 in Grenada.

The athletes have been selected based on performances in sporting meets during the 2015-16 season and will contest five (5) sporting disciplines.

Grenada has won the Games for the past four years and will be seeking to make it five here at home.

Over 280 athletes representing Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines and host Grenada will compete for honors in basketball, football, netball, volleyball and track and field.

Full team reads:



  Last Sport
1 Alexander Carlene Netball
2 Alexander Keno Football
3 Alexander Nadia Athletics
4 Alexander Nick Football
5 Alexander KellyAnn Athletics
6 Amade Shakell Football
7 Antoine Bradley Basketball (Men)
8 Ashton Shaniece Netball
9 Baptiste Josh Athletics
10 Bartholomew Shontel Basketball (Women)
11 Bartholomew Javon Football
12 Billy Jomelar Netball & Athletics
13 Blair Javon Basketball (Men)
14 Calliste Donesha Athletics
15 Calliste Donessa Volleyball (Women)
16 Charles Nashera Basketball (Women)
17 Charles Rickel Football
18 Charles Reggie Football
19 Charles Shakera Athletics
20 Charles Hunio Athletics
21 Felix Tikia Athletics
22 Felix Markim Athletics
23 Francis Nazim Volleyball (Women)
24 Frank Ronisha Basketball (Women)
25 Frank Romar Football
26 Gabriel Rayon Basketball (Men)
27 Hackette Elton Basketball (Men)
28 Hood Nathan Athletics
29 Horsford Kenny Athletics
30 James Dessian Volleyball (Women)
31 James Tallan Athletics
32 Jeremiah Kelsey Netball
33 John Antonio Volleyball (Men)
34 John Jomel Volleyball (Men)
35 John Cameron Volleyball (Women)
36 Lewis Odell Basketball (Men)
37 Lewis Ladonna Basketball (Women)
38 Lewis Helena Basketball (Women)
39 Mark Charlton Basketball (Men)
40 Matthew Linzie Netball
41 McVean Sashanna Basketball (Women)
42 Millette Earldon Football
43 Moodoo Darren Athletics
44 Noel Jamie Volleyball (Men)
45 Ollivierre Ronnie Athletics
46 Panchoo Leon Volleyball (Men)
47 Paul Cassie Volleyball (Women)
48 Perrotte Esley Basketball (Men)
49 Phillip Jaron Volleyball (Men)
50 Phillip Kaydee Volleyball (Women)
51 Pysadee Clint Football and Athletics
52 Rennie Owen Basketball (Men)
53 Rennie Neil Football
54 Richardson Jeremy Football
55 Samuel Tervin Volleyball (Men)
56 Scott Aliesha Netball
57 St. John Ariel Athletics
58 Stephen Raheim Football
59 Thomas Kerissa Netball
60 Thomas Jonair Athletics
61 Walcott Dwayne Volleyball (Men)


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