Young Grenadian Cyclist crowned SCCC Champion!

Christopher Alexis Jr
Christopher Alexis Jr at Collegiate Race Weekend 2017

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana, April 19, 2017 – In only his first collegiate season, Christopher Alexis Jr has raced his way to the South Central Collegiate Conference Championships (SCCCC) Title following the final series of the Collegiate Race Weekend.

Alexis Jr won the championships with 102 points which was 36 points ahead of his closet competitor.

Coming into the final event, the young cyclist found himself in 16th place overall with 91 points and moved up to 10th after the Road Race part of the ride which he finished in fourth.

Second place finish in Prime #1 along with first place finishes in Prime #2 and 3 ensured him overall victory in the CRIT which propelled him to second spot in the overall Collegiate Race Weekend with 193 points just 23 behind the overall winner Kanten Nichols (UNT).

“This was one of my best race weekends for the season, if not my best” says Alexis Jr to Spice Isle Sports Review.

“I came to the race with fresh legs and with the intentions to get as much points as I can to move up the points standing for the season.”

The Road Race was the longest course ride for the entire and he did not allow this to affect him as he began his chase.

“I had confidence in my form but during the race i found myself in a lose-lose situation where the breakaway pack teamed up against me which caused me to finish fourth however winning the field sprint.”

On Saturday evening, Alexis Jr. had to contend with a 3-mile Time Trial which is not one of his strong points but still managed fourth place which was 20 seconds slower than the winner and 10 seconds slower than the second place finisher.

“I’m extremely happy with this result because after analysis of the data, I was able to maintain a steady speed and heart rate throughout something I was concerned about.”

This wraps up his collegiate cycling season and the young cyclist looking forward to competing in domestic races in New York and the Caribbean later this season.

“Overall I had a great collegiate season. I learned a lot and made tremendous improvements in most of my weakest areas in cycling while strengthening on the good.”

He was able to win two race weekends, two individual races and place in the top 10 of most races.

“I’m satisfied with my improvements thus far and thankful for all the support received.”

Christopher Alexis Jr. currently attends the Midwestern State University and is majoring in Geo-science.


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