Going for Gold at World Taekwondo Championships in South Korea!

Rowan Charles and Fronzie Charles
Photo: L-Rowan J Charles, R-Fronie Charles

ST. GEORGE, June 7, 2017 – Grenada will be represented by two athletes at the 2017 WTF World Taekwon-do Championships which kicks off June 22 in South Korea.

US-based Grenadian born athlete Rowan Charles will compete in his first World Championships and represent the island for the first time on the International Taekwon-do stage.

Charles, a former student of the Grenada Boys Secondary School (GBSS) is now a student at Miami Dade College where he pursues a major in Physician Assistant/Dentistry.

The twenty (20) year-old student athlete has many years of experience along with awards in the sport and has thus far achieved a Black Tag in traditional Taekwon-do and is currently working towards his 1st Dan in Olympic Taekwon-do.

Rowan Charles is truly committed to his sport and and upon qualifying for the championships took it upon himself to raise funds and is currently in training camp in London ahead of his departure for Korea.

“I am feeling confident seeing that there are a lot of improvements during my training”  says Charles while speaking to SISR during his short visit.

The young athlete says this has been his dream to represent Grenada on the world stage and is hoping that his goal of hearing the country’s anthem on the final day would be realized.

“It will be quite challenging for me mentally because I have not fought with most of my competitors before and getting that mental preparation will be important.”

Charles’ instructor Fronzie Charles believes mental preparation is important going forward for the young athlete.

“I’m trying to get him mentally ready although he is tough but I need to get him mentally specific in what he does so that when he goes in the ring he’s not too much in his head.”

Rowan Charles competes in the -54kg category and will be joined by his Uncle and Instructor Fronzie Charles at the Championships who competes in the -87kg category.

This is his second appearance on the World Championships stage and during his 21 years in the sport he has won numerous local titles with over 35 medals to show which includes Bronze and Silver Medals at the British International in 2008 and Caribbean Championships respectively.

“Right now my mindset is different. I’m fit but mentality it has been challenging for me getting prepared for this Championships. However i will use my experience from over the years to take me through.”

There are some challenges that will have to be overcome ahead of competition in South Korea which includes acclimatization but given the preparations Charles believes they will overcome this and be ready.

Fronzie Charles has also set one major goal in this year’s championships.

“Looking back on my last World Championships I fought with a broken arm so I’m now hoping that in reaching this one I’m fully healthy that I can make it right through to hearing that final whistle blow or command and my hand being raised to stand on the podium and hear my country’s anthem played.”

The duo left the island on Wednesday en-route to London to continue their preparations for the event.


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