National Senior Cycling Champion competes in first Collegiate Race

chris-alexis-1WICHITA FALLS, Texas, February 22, 2017 – Just a few weeks after enrolling at the Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas, 2016 National Cycling Champion Christopher Alexis Jr was up and ready to hit the cycling trails.

Last weekend Alexis put his feet to the pedal in the first of eight (8) races of the South Central Collegiate Cycling Conference in the Texas State University Race Weekend at San Marcos.

The young cyclist had finishing places of 13th in the Road Race (RR), 9th in ITT (Individual Time Trial) and 5th overall in the Criterium (CRIT) – Sprint Prime #1 (4th)/Prime #2 (2nd).

Alexis gave Spice Isle Sports Review his assessment of the weekend races.

“I didn’t have a smotth transition in terms of training as much and at the intensity as I should, however I’m quite satisfied with my performance in the San Marcos considering my level of fitness at this moment.”

Having being not too familiar with his environment, he was a bit cautious in his appraoch to the event.

“Since it’s my first Collegiate race I didn’t want to underestimate the field especially considering the temperature and the uncertainty of my fitness hence the reason why I wasn’t aggressive as I should be but was able to stay comforatble during the races especially in the Criterium where i was in the top 6 the entire race.”

“My goal was not to win but to have a good race overall which I did after scoring fourth and second place points in the sprint primes and fifth at the end of the Criterium.”

Given the level of competition in his first event, the young cyclist is quite happy for the experience this has given to him moving forward.

“Racing in Texas and in the United States on a whole is of a very high standard, whether it’s a Pro/1/2/3 field or a Category 4/5 field. Although I’m racing a level under my international category, this weekend’s races at San Marcos weren’t easy in comparison to what i’m accustom to in the Caribbean. The level of the races in my category were above the local races back home but on par with a Category 2/3 in the Caribbean.”
Christopher Alexis Jr is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology & Earth Science and he believes that the team around him at Midwestern State University will help him in his overall development as a cyclist and he looks forward to great things for the duration of the season.
“I’m surrounded by a great group of guys & girls at MSU Cycling which would aid towards my development as a National Cyclist and in the long run cycling as a sport in Grenada. I’m looking forward to the following Collegiate races throughout the next 8-10 weeks and Caribbean races mid-season.”
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